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Helping Community Is the best Thing You Can Do!

Help the community and it will give you lots of confidence and it will comeback in a better way ..!


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Printing Hello World:

Hello Every One!

This the common words you see when you start to write program this is not a standard but it’s important because basic reason behind this is to give a confidence and to welcome you as a programmer so feel proud to write it well I’m going to share screen shots with you guys and Explains you everything!

Let’s Start!



Click New Project to create a project.




As mentioned steps in Screen Shot. Do exactly!

Click on the console application C# because we’re going to discuss the core concepts of C# so we need best practice which console application will give us!

So do as I’ll show you in later screen shots.

When you created the project you’ll see this window


Red area will show you and its description is shown in Black text. Read it carefully if don’t get it I’ll explain it for you feel free.

And when you run you program successfully you’ll see this!


This is how we have created our first program although it looks small but it will give you too much confidence. Like share and keep in Touch Good luck see you soon!!!!

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Hands On Programming!

Hello Guys !

Since last post I hope you have decided in which direction you want to go and today I’ll be giving you some tips so you can able to start programming. Select your language you want to work and never felt like it has scope or not it’s not language but you who can make a good scope do what you love and do it in a way no one can be better than you.

Enough of the literature let’s do it!

I have selected Microsoft technologies and C# as my field and I’m already working on it and I’ll share some concepts with you.


Visual studio 2015 (Ultimate, Enterprise or Professional)

Any of them you can use I’m using enterprise.

What Microsoft Offers you?

Microsoft has facilitated student with various versions of technologies you can have free registered windows , Software at

It not only provide you the basic softwares but also guides you how to start and how to develop in different environments where you can learn any platform of Microsoft and industry specialist are always there to help you so make account on Microsoft Virtual Academy.

I will make tutorial on Installing the above mentioned Softwares and how to create dashboard on MVA.

Thank you!download




Start Progamming

Hello Every One !
This is a very common question mostly juniors and some colleagues ask me “How to start programming or how i can be a good programmer ?”

So guys i’m sharing the basic problems we face while we start programming or start studying . I have categorized it in three different students.

  1. Passionate.
  2. Decorator.
  3. Broken Heart.


These people are to much passionate about their start they were telling this to the whole world that they have install all of the basic components and they started watching lectures about language they want but in actual they are like marketers who sell the product without completing or actually working on it and in the end they say we tried but programming is too difficult or they are just telling it to others . This is very common type everyone is passionate about his/her field but remain silent and focus on work . Always feel that you have learnt not as much as you show greed for leaning and keep it secret and break the ice  with your Success.

“Work Hard in Silence and let Success Makes the Noise” (All Quoted)


These are the most funny guys they are intelligent curious about learning but they focus on decorating their environment instead of actually practicing they every time open their system they feel like they have to install manage or make their system attractive so they also lack focus and that’s their weakest point .

“Some people just see dreams but some actually work on it” (Napolean Hill)

Broken Heart

These guys make their way straight through programming and they actually want it but whenever they come to across with errors in their code and when they found its not in their reach they totally broke their heart and say it really difficult and they start again and again but they end up in this ridiculous way they never gonna get what they want .

“Failure is not failing down but to refuse getting up” (Chinese Proverb)


Technically its not the programming is difficult nor your talent is low but what we lack is our concentration on what we are doing do what you like any any language you want its your scope not language do something like no one can do better than you.

Ready To Start:

On this site we will discuss about motivation problems and any help you want feel free to share your problems.

And if you like it share and comment please.

Thank you!