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Printing Hello World:

Hello Every One!

This the common words you see when you start to write program this is not a standard but it’s important because basic reason behind this is to give a confidence and to welcome you as a programmer so feel proud to write it well I’m going to share screen shots with you guys and Explains you everything!

Let’s Start!



Click New Project to create a project.




As mentioned steps in Screen Shot. Do exactly!

Click on the console application C# because we’re going to discuss the core concepts of C# so we need best practice which console application will give us!

So do as I’ll show you in later screen shots.

When you created the project you’ll see this window


Red area will show you and its description is shown in Black text. Read it carefully if don’t get it I’ll explain it for you feel free.

And when you run you program successfully you’ll see this!


This is how we have created our first program although it looks small but it will give you too much confidence. Like share and keep in Touch Good luck see you soon!!!!